What is Female infertility? How is it caused and what are its symptoms?

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In India, it is female infertility that is considered responsible in case of all fertility problems. It is female infertility that is blamed even if the males are impotent. This is the main reason that the couples prefer not to visit the IVF Centre in Punjab since the male couples fear that if the medical tests reports claim that he is incapable of providing the best kind of sperms for the fertilization of the eggs, then it will become a matter of huge fun for the society. And when people ask them what is their reason for not visiting the IVF Centre then they say, it is the test tube baby cost.


So in this article, we are going to know about the causes and symptoms of the female infertility




Unhealthy lifestyle

In 40% of the cases, it is only the unhealthy lifestyle that leads the female to suffer from infertility. An unhealthy lifestyle does not include dietary habits, but it also includes the absence of mental peace and the avoidance of doing physical activities.


Structural and te functional problems of the reproductive organs

There are so many organs in our body that collectively make a perfectly functioning reproductive system. If any of the problems are found in the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes, then it is not possible for the females to conceive naturally.




Irregular menstrual cycle

It is always the irregular menstrual cycle and disturbed ovulatory periods that are accountable for indicating that something is surely different with the body.


If you are not enjoying the sex

If a female is not enjoying being intimate with her partners, it means she does not like the penetrating act. And when penetration becomes a condition that you have to endure and not enjoy, then there is something wrong with the reproductive organs.


Urinary tract infections

These kinds of infections do not let the sperms reach the eggs as these destroy them in the beginning. In case, the sperms somehow mangoes to pass through the urinary tract, then these are not able to have the ideal characteristics that are required to fertilize the egg in the way so that the healthy embryo is being formed.


If the body is feeling weakness

Our body only feels weakness when there is something wrong if there is something wrong with the internal organs present in our bodies.


Final Comments!

If any of the female readers are noticing any of these customary symptoms, then you are suggested to immediately see the nearest gynaecologist. If you do not do so, then there are chances that the problem may progress to the next level and it may get difficult to overcome those disorders without having a risk of suffering from the complications.


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