The Magic Fruit that Can Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Though there are several treatments available for erectile dysfunction, men have always tried to prefer natural ones over others. There have been many studies and experiments to know if some natural foods, herbs, or supplements can help a man achieve and maintain an erection.

Well… the results have been mixed. Many natural ways worked partially and some did well too; one of these excellent natural things is, watermelon.

Watermelon that people have begun to call ‘natural Viagra’ nowadays is a fruit containing citrulline. Studies on citrulline effect on one’s erection had exceptional results.

Watermelon was said to be a great source of nitric oxide, the factor that helps improve blood circulation to penile tissues and help men get and keep an erection during sex.

Now the question is, does watermelon work? And if it does, how can one use it work for them. Well… in this post, you would know. malegra 200 and buy cenforce 100 is an excellent treatment option for health problems.

Can watermelon help with ED?

Watermelon contains citrulline which is a natural amino acid called arginine. Well… arginine is a supplement which can convert into nitric oxide and help with poor erections. Watermelon undoubtedly is a great source of citrulline and can be considered as ‘the natural Viagra’ as well.

In short, yes watermelon can help with male erection issues. But, its comparison with ED medicines is not appropriately a fit. ED medicines have a completely different working mechanism and how long it lasts its impact. Indeed, men according to their suitability can alternate them with each other.

What studies say about watermelon for ED?

Since it was first said about a study on watermelon that it can be found effective on male erection, several other studies have been held to test it.

In recent years, many experiments and several studies have been done to know if watermelon really helps with male erection issues or it is simply a proposed myth.

Well, almost every study found that men who were given watermelon for one-week experienced improvement not only in their erections but sexual libido as well. They said that they feel more comfortable and lasting during sex.

Watermelon vs ED medicines

This has been one of the most discussed threats everywhere on the Internet. People have really begun to make a comparison between watermelon and ED medications. However it is fair, the differences are not supposed to be much varying.

Watermelon and ED medicines both have a slight difference in how they work and how long their effectiveness may last. Well… watermelon is a natural treatment and it generally targets the core of what is developing the erection, and improves it.

On the other hand, ED medicines such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and Stendra help by improving the erection for a specific period, usually a couple of hours for good sex. No matter however you take higher dosages such as Cialis 60 mg which can last up to 36 hours, but with time, its effectiveness will keep dropping with hours.

But, watermelon can leave its effect for longer even though it may take a bit longer to kick start. Moreover, the way watermelon and ED medicines have different approaches but similar effects.

Watermelon is a source of citrulline, a natural amino acid. It converts into nitric oxide on intake and helps dilate blood vessels for better erections. On the other hand, ED medicines are PDE-5 inhibitors that are known to dilate blood vessels i.e. improving male erection.

Benefits and risks of watermelon for ED

Watermelon is generally considered safe for intake, even in large quantities. Until and unless a man is allergic to watermelon, it is not likely to develop any sort of side effects.

However, men with type-2 diabetes should avoid watermelon, or discuss with their doctor if they can intake watermelon; if so, how much and how often. In men with diabetes, watermelon can increase blood sugar levels even more.

Moreover, even though watermelon is low in calories, eating it in large quantities can still trigger obesity. However, the best part is that watermelon is not found to have any serious side effects that could really turn to be trouble.

How to use watermelon for ED?

Watermelon is best when taken in form of juice. Well… one thing to make sure is, red watermelon is a little lower in citrulline than yellow or orange watermelon. It is suggested to prefer yellow or orange watermelon which is lower in calories but higher in citrulline arginine.

One can also eat watermelons directly by slicing them up. But, grinding and intaking it juice form is found best; to avoid tummy fullness and get more citrulline at once.

Indeed, make sure you are not filling your tummy with watermelon. This sort of regular overconsumption can increase your body weight.

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