My Instagram Explore Page Was a Useless Mess Until I Did These 6 Things

For the longest time, my Instagram Explore page felt like a chaotic, disorganized jumble of random content that held little relevance or value for me. No matter how much I scrolled, I struggled to find posts that truly piqued my interest or were genuinely useful. It seemed the more I used the Explore feature, the more it descended into a useless mess.

However, after trying out a few strategic techniques, I was able to transform my Instagram Explore page into a valuable source of discovery, inspiration, and content tailored to my specific interests. In this article, I’ll share the 6 key steps I took to clean up and optimize my Explore experience on Instagram.

1. Audit and Refine Your Follows

The first step in taking control of your Explore page is to audit your Instagram follows. Take a close look at the accounts you’re currently following and ask yourself a few key questions:

  • Are these accounts still relevant and interesting to me?
  • Do they align with my current interests and hobbies?
  • Are there any accounts I’ve outgrown or no longer find value in following?

Unfollow any accounts that longer serve you. This will help ensure your main Instagram feed is filled with content you genuinely enjoy, which in turn will signal to the algorithm what type of posts you’re most interested in seeing on your Explore page.

2. Engage Strategically

Once you’ve refined your follows, it’s time to start engaging more strategically on Instagram. This means being intentional about the posts you like, comment on, and share.

Focus your engagement on content that aligns with your current interests and hobbies. When you interact with posts you genuinely connect with, you’re telling the algorithm to show you more of that type of content – both in your main feed and on your Explore page.

Avoid mindlessly scrolling and liking random posts, as this sends mixed signals to the algorithm and can result in a cluttered Explore page. Instead, take the time to thoughtfully engage with posts that resonate with you.

3. Lean Into Your Interests

In addition to strategic engagement, you can further optimize your Explore page by leaning into your specific interests and hobbies. This means actively searching for and following accounts, hashtags, and locations related to the things you’re most passionate about.

For example, if you’re an avid gardener, you could search for and follow accounts like @BotanicalGardens, @GardeningTips, and #OrganicGardening. This will signal to Instagram’s algorithm that you’re deeply interested in gardening-related content, and you’ll start to see more of it surfaced on your Explore page.

The more you can hone in on your specific passions and interests, the more personalized and valuable your Explore experience will become.

4. Leverage Saved Posts and Collections

Another powerful way to refine your Explore page is by utilizing Instagram’s Saved Posts and Collections features. Whenever you come across a post that you find particularly interesting, informative, or inspiring, take the time to save it to a relevant collection.

Over time, as you build up your Saved Posts and Collections, you’ll create a visual library of content that aligns with your interests. This not only helps you easily reference and revisit this valuable information, but it also signals to Instagram’s algorithm that these are the types of posts you want to see more of on your Explore page.

5. Embrace Instagram Reels

The algorithm tends to surface Reels that are engaging, entertaining, and relevant to a user’s interests. By creating your own Reels or interacting with Reels that align with your passions, you’re sending a clear signal to Instagram that this is the type of content you want to see more of.

Even if you don’t feel inclined to create Reels yourself, simply engaging with Reels that catch your eye can be a powerful way to refine your Explore page. Like, comment, and share the Reels that resonate with you, and you’ll start to see more of that type of content appear on your Explore feed.

6. Monitor and Adjust

The final step in optimizing your Instagram Explore page is to continuously monitor your experience and make adjustments as needed. Pay attention to the types of posts and accounts that appear on your Explore page, and make note of what you find valuable and what you don’t.

If you notice certain types of content consistently popping up that don’t align with your interests, take action to address it. Unfollow accounts, adjust your engagement, or explore new topics and hashtags to help steer the algorithm in the right direction.

Likewise, if you come across particularly useful or inspiring posts on your Explore page, be sure to save them to your Collections and continue engaging with similar content. Over time, this will reinforce the algorithm’s understanding of your preferences and result in an Explore page that is truly tailored to your unique interests and needs.


Transforming my Instagram Explore page from a useless mess into a valuable source of discovery and inspiration didn’t happen overnight, but the effort was well worth it. By implementing these 6 key strategies – auditing and refining my follows, engaging strategically, leaning into my interests, leveraging Saved Posts and Collections, embracing Instagram Reels, and continuously monitoring and adjusting – I was able to take control of my Explore experience and curate a feed that genuinely serves me. Just like the team at who are dedicated to providing technology solutions for a better world, I was determined to optimize my Instagram experience to align with my specific needs and interests. For more interesting and informative content visit, Blaberize

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