What Is The Importance Of Kundali Milan

What Is The Importance Of Kundali Milan

Arranged marriage is a concept that is unique to India and it has been a much-revered tradition for the Hindu community. Planets impact our personalities, temperament and life occurrences, and hence at every instance we need to follow what the planets say.  Kundali milan or horoscope matching is a practice that must be followed to ensure marital harmony to the couple for the rest of their lives.

Importance Of Kundali Matching And Why You Should Do It?

Indians believe staunchly in the efficacy of the kundali reviewed marriages as it would promise a predictable life and harmonious   coexistence. Kundalis are reviewed to know the personality characteristics, economic status, and lineage which if found compatible, can lead to success of the marriage.

Astrology offers clues from the birth chart that extend beyond our practical wisdom and tells us what challenges we may have to overcome in the future. Kundali matching reduces conflicts and enhances love in relationships.

Not only harmony, rest of the areas of life also need to be assessed for the partners to peacefully coexist. Kundali milan can assess all areas of life that have an influence on the quality of life. A good astrologer can, apart from prediction for marriage, provide post marriage career prediction (ensures a steady stream of income), health prediction before marriage (It can prevent the couple from having kids). See if there is business yoga in kundali (stabilizes the financial aspect of marriage). Get an online report for kundali Milan to just keep the facts on record so that they can come in handy when in doubt. Let us now come to the predictions derived from kundali matching.

Kundli Matching Predictions For Marriage

  • Lord of the lagna and moon, 7th house lord, the position of Venus and Jupiter in the horoscope of the couple are matched to determine compatibility.

  • Second house denotes prosperity and family lineage. If this is affected, then one has to be a little more careful.

  • Fourth or the Sukha sthana represents marital happiness and hence it should not be weak.. Similarly, kuja should be be well placed as he also governs marital bliss.

  • The 7th house also denotes the same and hence it should be devoid of afflictions. The 12th house stands for sexual pleasures and it should not be affected.

  • Navamsha chart is meant to show the aspect of spiritual compatibility, and also if the couple were husband and wife in their previous births.

  • Lagna in both horoscopes should be common. If lagna of one partner is in trikona or kendra position to that of the other, the marriage is going to be a happy one.  No other combinations are usually to be encouraged.

  • Trimshamsha detects extramarital flings, widowhood, adultery and sexual compatibility and is a must see for the comprehensive matching of the horoscopes. Kundali matching predictions should always be taken as instructions that must be followed.

  • One must also study the ashtakoota, wherein kootas of the couple are required to match. The kootas are varna, vashya, tara, yoni, rashi, bhakoota, gana, nadi. Out of these, it is a must that the nadi, bhakoot, and gana should match.

  • In the matching process of horoscopes, it is important that yogas, the planets and the stars of the couple also match.

  • Also, It is important to analyse the dosha samya, longevity and dasha sandhi along with the horoscope matching. Also, one should take care of matching of period, sub-period, Graha Dosha Samya and age matching which should be done alongside the Ashtakuta matching.

  • Now why should the kundalis match to make the marriage successful. Let us study it right away.

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Why Kundali Matching Is Essential For Marriages?

So, Kundalis are matched to also determine the compatibility, the financial and career scenario of both the partners, fertility, and the possible doshas.  Also, one needs to know if the doshas in kundali are actually removable. So, before you even consider arranging the meeting between the couple, one should get the horoscopes matched.

Online report for kundali milan is a reality check for the couple to see if they have the same wavelength, compatible temperament, and marital luck to live in contentment with each other.

Ashtakuta Matching:

Ashtakuta Matching which is a part of the Kundali matching, provides you clues to the lifespan and degree of stability in the marriage.

Ashtakoota type of Kundli matching fixes a total of 36 points to call it a perfect union. If the horoscope matching scores 36 points, the compatibility is excellent. A total of 18 is good whereas below 18 reduces the degree of marital comfort for both the partners.

In Conclusion:

Human beings are so complicated and it takes some time to understand them. Unfortunately, they have no chance and time to know each other unless they live together in marriage. So, it is the kundali milan which comes to our rescue by helping us understand the partner in depth before the marriage is finally conducted. A thorough study of Kundali can help us avoid marriage life issues later.

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