Good Pocket Knife Brands: Spotlighting Maxace Knives

You might think little of the company as a result of its starkly minimalistic, even shockingly bare website, but any search for good pocket knife brands will inevitably lead you to Maxace Knives.

Whether you carry a pocket knife daily and have already heard the buzz or have yet to, you’ll get there sooner or later. Here’s what Maxace Knives offer, and why they deliver such incredible value.

Quality Steels

Take a look at any official retailer of Maxace Knives, like White Mountain Knives, and shop their collection. One of the first things that should strike you is the company’s use of premium steels in production.

And by premium steels, we aren’t talking about 9Cr13MoV or AUS-10 stainless steels that offer a modicum of edge retention and corrosion resistance. We’re talking about pocket knives made with exceptionally hard, strong super steels like M390 and Magnacut, which are not only hard to find as it is, but which command quite a price.

This is because of performance. These super steels both boast a very fine, very consistent molecular structure that produces exceptional strength, wear-resistance, and toughness, as well as an uncommon ability to hold an edge.

Maxace Knives spare no expense, and not just with blade steels.

Unique Blade Profiles and Patterns

While there’s nothing wrong with the majority of the conventional blade profiles from Buck, Kershaw, and ZT that dominate the market, but Maxace Knives offer collectors something new and exciting.

Actually, quite a bit of new and exciting profiles. Models like the Vortex and Vortex-S both sport unique, recurved, somewhat leaf-shaped blade profiles that are eye-catching and practical.

Others, like the Orion with its clip point and the Hydra with its differential grind, each offer something unique to collectors and users alike.

Interesting Aesthetics

It’s not just top quality in blade steels that Maxace Knives offer. They also utilize a lot of other high-quality and eye-catching materials in the design and production of their knives.

For instance, they use sandblasted titanium, Micarta, and even carbon fiber inlays with bright coloring in some of their models’ handle scales, making them not only functionally appealing but aesthetically pleasing.

Of course, a picture says a thousand words, and only so much justice can be done here. Check out a catalog for a more intimate exposure.

Collectibility and Value

Lastly, Maxace Knives offer a lot of value not only for their functionality and high-quality construction, but for their collectibility. The same traits that make them functional in the pocket also make them valuable in the knife case.

And of course, the brand offers a wide range of models at different price points to satisfy nearly any budget, even on the more affordable size.

So to recapitulate it all, this is not only a good pocket knife brand, but a great one, because it produces unique models, utilizes premium super steels and other scale materials, and offers products at a wide range of price points.

Don’t put off by the bare minimalism of their own company website. They claim a commitment to high quality products and if their popularity alone is any testament, they speak the truth.

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