Coping with the Road Rage and Abrupt Drivers

Road Rage

Driving in Dubai can be a struggle in itself and sure enough, when you come across an aggressive driver on the road. The next moment you are holding tight on the wheel because someone cuts you off in a dangerous move on Sheik Zayed Road. The noise emitted by the horns will squeeze your heart while jammed in Murdiri Al Khalail. While this urge to fight back when experiencing road rage may seem understandable, only by controlling your reactions will you be able to tackle this problem.

This article comes with a pack of useful tips to deal with aggressive drivers and take the stress to a bare minimum. Find out the safety measures you can take, including defensive driving skills. Moreover, be at alert on when to let go of upsets to prevent conflicts. Find services for you that will let you reach your destination with much less worry in Dubai. When armed with the proper information and understanding in advance, you can easily traverse Dubai’s packed roads and thoroughfares. Arm yourself with useful tactics to cope with aggressive drivers and to impact road rage. The world is there on the road waiting for you.

Road rage has several causes

A long time spent at the traffic lights combined with the congestion can trigger negative emotions and aggression. Besides, a delayed or get-a-move-on attitude also may make some people more irritable. Another driver, in the simplest way, can just make small mistakes like forgetting to signal a turn or driving slowly, some drivers can be provoked and be angry.

The impact of road rage is chilling. Unkind driving and anger of course can easily end up in a crash that injures and might kill other people who are without any fault. Road rage can also result in violence, with some drivers experiencing a ‘fight’ mode wherein they would physically hurt or even attack others.

Tips for Handling Aggressive Driving

When dealing with an aggressive driver or re-acting aggressively, you will likely worsen the case. The number one thing is to put enough space between yourself and the aggressive driver. If you are driving at a speed that makes it harder for others to pass you, try to slow down and let them pass you or change your lane to remove yourself from risk. Do not make eye contact or watch if the gestures on your part may increase other drivers’ irritation even more.

When you notice that the driver is demonstrating dangerous behavior, call the police and inform them about the reckless driver immediately. Give all the details on the vehicle’s make and model, color, number plate, and location. Do not get too close to the offensive vehicle to avoid any situation where you need the officers to save you.

Others might get too close to you, and some may flash their high beams at you. Don’t harshly brake-check the driver behind you, as this can prove to be extremely dangerous and illegal. But, calm down and keep riding your car as usual. If you can avoid it, change lanes or decelerate to give tailgating the other driver a chance to overtake.

Monthly Driver Dubai and Safe Driver Dubai offer professional drivers for safe travel around Dubai. These services can help calm down the driver and minimize the risk of people ending up with road rage. Enrolling a driver will spare you from unneeded issues such as navigating through the routes or getting gagged by the traffic, thus you will enjoy the trip optimally. For daily travelers and foreigners who are not used to Dubati roads, a rental driver service should be chosen as the first option.

Safety on Dubai Roads

With the growth in traffic on Dubai’s roads, the occurrences of road rage and irresponsible driving also go up. While driving around Dubai use the utmost attention and try to control the situation among dangerous motorists to take care of yourself.

Avoiding confrontation

If someone acts aggressively to you or at you, do not indulge them or act rudely back to them. Exercise calmness and carry on the driving process. Don’t return the gap, do not look at the other driver, do not yell, do not gesticulate, and don’t honk your horn. The worst you could do is act out and trigger the event that could harm you and other riders.

Increasing distance

Increase the distance between you and any overtaking drivers nearby. Take a different lane and along with avoiding the area of a furious or reckless driver, remove yourself from the proximity of it if possible. As you distance yourself from danger, you increase your safety level to the peak point.

Using Safe Driver Dubai

You can feel better when you are driving in Dubai and use the Safe Driver service for more security. Their professionals know how to maneuver defiantly in the wheel and to handle aggressive and diffuse stressful situations. With the ride-sharing option, you can just sit in a moving vehicle avoiding the other motorists who break the rules. Their vehicles have systems for monitoring purposes and extra safety.

If you are careful, keep a distance from the risks, and be on alert all the time, you will navigate the roads of Dubai comfortably. Driving in Dubai might not be a mundane matter because of the traffic and the whims of reckless drivers. However, traffic congestion should not stop you from driving as long as your safety is the priority. Companies like Safe Driver Dubai deliver an upper hand and it gives you hassle-free travel throughout the roads of Dubai.


In the end, you might be surprised to know that handling an angry driver is about not responding to or engaging with them. Being calm, looking aside, maintaining your space, and being aware of defensive driving help you escape uncomfortable situations. Even though kind driving will perhaps not always replace the roads with so-called aggressive driving, everyone has the right to be a good example of both patience and politeness. You should evaluate your role in the system and do your share in making the commute more secure for all. And with the help of prudence and sensibility, can make driving not only a less hostile, but also a more sympathetic, experience.




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