Alfa Cytology Launches Full-Scale Preclinical Services for Pancreatic Cancer Research



Alfa Cytology announced its pancreatic cancer research services for anticancer therapy in the early preclinical stages.


Alfa Cytology, a premier contract research organization, recently launched its full-scale pancreatic cancer preclinical research services with robust platforms, powerful analytics, and cross-platform collaborations.


Pancreatic cancer (PC) is a severe disease that is difficult to diagnose in the early stages due to its complex and hidden nature. Studies found that the incidence rate of PC has been increasing each year, especially in people over 45 years old. Even young patients suffering from PC are showing a significant increase compared to a decade ago, and the malignancy is also higher than before, resulting in a worse prognosis.


To realize preclinical prediction and diagnosis of PC, Alfa Cytology provides a variety of services, such as molecular experiments of PC, detection & diagnosis of PC, and therapy strategy of PC in full tracking support. The range of PC basic research services includes PC pathology research, PC cell research, PC stem cell research, PC tumor model, and more. At the same time, Alfa Cytology can also offer drug development services for pancreatic cancer with the data obtained from PC basic research.


“The new drug development services focus on the hotspot of pancreatic tumor. We closely work with researchers to develop small molecule drugs and peptide drugs for PC as they are the most promising and potential anti-pancreatic cancer drugs,” said the operation manager of Alfa Cytology. “Furthermore, we are working on a multidimensional study in anticancer. Through our neoantigen preclinical research service, Alfa Cytology identifies unique cancer-carrying genes by sequencing tumor cell genes to predict immune presentation affinity. Then we screen out characteristic neoantigens encoded, hoping to make a huge contribution to tumor immunotherapy.”


Scientists of Alfa Cytology work on tailored projects by diagnosing PC and identifying its biomarkers. The ultimate aim of the company is to assist clients in developing new drugs that are more cost-effective, less toxic, and have higher efficacy and safety to meet the market’s needs. Alfa Cytology possesses a comprehensive understanding of the tumor immunological profile of PC, including intra-tumor heterogeneity, intersection with the tumor-microenvironment, and microenvironmental instability. Hence, it can help clients achieve precise and feasible development applications of biotech to enhance the safety and efficacy of such pharmaceutical innovation for PC.


About Alfa Cytology

Alfa Cytology is a contract research organization (CRO) that specializes in early discovery and preclinical studies of tumors. It was founded by experts and scientists and has grown from a small team to a larger one capable of developing new therapies for cancer therapies. Alfa Cytology provides comprehensive research services, helping individual researchers and organizations achieve success cost-effectively.


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