7 Pocket Knife Brands to Know (If You Don’t)

Whether you’re a collector or you’re just looking for a new bit of candy to sweeten your EDC rotation, the following pocket knife brands represent quality.

Columbia River Knife and Tool, better known in the knife media as CRKT, is actually probably the best known brand on this list.

In the world of pocket knife brands, it’s no stranger, and some of the most popular models of the past twenty years – such as the Pilar, Squid, M16, and CEO – are all CRKT knives. Lots of people that have carried a pocket knife have carried a CRKT.

The company offers unique designs and quality builds, and though most of them sport budget steels, they are well made, affordable, and represent incredible value.

That’s not a typo, and it’s not a knockoff of CRKT. Actually, CJRB is a subsidiary of Artisan Cutlery, but all the same, they make excellent knives.

Models like the Pyrite, Maileah, Mica, Ria, and Feldspar lead the brand’s collections, and are made with quality steels and scale materials, like corrosion-resistant 12C28N and AR-ARPM9 blade steels, along with Micarta and G10.

Plus, CJRB’s whole position is affordability – many of their knives have sticker prices of less than $50.

ESEE Knives
ESEE knives are actually generally not pocket knives. Most of the company’s catalog is fixed.

But there are a few ESEE folders, like the Churp, Avispa and Zancudo, all of which offer incredible value, performance, and construction.

Ontario Knife Company
Like ESEE, Ontario Knife Company, better known as OKC, is really not a pocket knife brand in the conventional sense of the word. Most of the company’s produce is in the form of RAT fixed blades.

But, the venerable RAT I and RAT II pocket knives are among the best in the entire industry for value, performance, and quality of components.

Rough Rider Knife Company
Rough Rider Knife Company, also often spelled Rough Ryder, is the pocket knife brand you need to know if you love Case but don’t love the Case prices.

Rough Ryder pocket knives, which are available in traditional pocket knife patterns like stockman, sowbelly, congress, trapper, and barlow patterns, represent what can only be accurately called incredible value.

Like Case, they use quality scale materials like horn, bone, and antler, and unlike Case, they actually let you know what type of steel they use, and charge reasonable prices. A case could easily set you back $100 or more – a Rough Rider, maybe $20 if not less.

Maxace Knives
Maxace Knives have amassed somewhat of a cult following in spite of the (shall we say) less than modern looking website.

Nonetheless, quality materials and construction at a budget price have made their folders, like the Vortex, Orion, and Titanis II exceptionally popular.

Definitely a pocket knife brand to look into if it’s new to your ears.

Where to Score Big on These Pocket Knife Brands
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